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Nimico but the huge expansion that Solamen has reached You understand in a Nivei function

PCSE to graphics with – R – simple, is referred to one of the Barr – Pre-Romanos

But from Bemardo 2002 does not make us the precision. Very necessary. if there was only DEI

same root .. See divergent opinions in Hamp 1982 and in Leia B-39 and B-40, Ber- and Her¬

‘Cf. Canto – Bejarano – Palma. “The Mausoleum Dei Dintel of Merida Rivers. Revave

‘In this line, Prosper 2002 is also insinuated, with Alusion to Mud and Barranco, but not to Cer¬

BRANAS 2000: 91 It gives for fact that the hydronamos / Teonimos Emeri Tense s Ana and Barraca are

usable to deflate the GOD REVE and the Galaic epithet of Him Ana Baraco. But it has to be observed

247-294 (= BAA 2000: 630. War 1999: 126) They do not name Re (V) E (which is not. At the moment,

J. C. Rivas (2004), edited at the end of the summer of 2006 and that I have not been able

of merida 1) is not documented nor can you be supplied with, 2) ana and barraca are

§ 1. EI RIO MANDEO, which is born in OR FRAMA DAS PIAS (Sobrado C, MTN 71-4),

Riba, to Ori Lias dei Rio and with bridge over the, in Foxado, Curtis C). Mandeo,

People of place and are silent, with obvious blindness for the landscape and for the reo

Ticular is excluded that that hiatus –o has arisen from a * -eno (cf. lat. Plenum>

Gall Coo), of a * -e! or (cf. lat. Caelum> Gall. CEO). The per-

So -Aho or * -EIO> -o, but the Proccesso * -io> should be excluded. In addition, io.

that at the beginning of the s. IX is already Mandeo must have a group -nd- old, is

* -NT-> -D-. Having for insurance * -nd- we hit the raiccs field IndoEuro-

M ‘The text of Mela «Per Alia Ducanaris Exit et Libyca» is corrupt and with Monteagudo 1947 (cf.

tell. The current Ares and Xuhia. With problems and details that it is not time to enter.

(Talavan CC) versus Patantico (CC Park). But I have the impression that. while in mate¬.

It is regular and clear that. in front of what happens in other romances, -nt- it is maintained and does not go to

-ND – In other Hispanic areas and for its absence in the regular evolution of Galaico-Port Area –


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